What is Mindfulness & Urge-Surfing? A Live Q&A

On July 14, 2017 we discussed mindfulness, urge surfing and unwrapping the urge–to consider optimal ways to approach self-defeating behavior and care for ourselves in each moment!

We learned about using mindfulness-based practices to enhance self-management to promote self-healing, growth and positive change in your life. Dr. Jenifer Talley led us through a brief mindfulness meditation and Dr. Andrew Tatarsky discussed and demonstrated an urge surfing exercise that can be practiced in response to cravings and urges. These practices inform Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, the basis for the work at The Center for Optimal Living in NYC.

Urge surfing brings mindfulness, self-compassion and breath to the urge. It enables us to sit still and, over time, tolerate the associated distress or tension so we can bring more reflection and choice. This opens up the possibility of bringing a number of strategies to this moment that empower positive change.

Practicing mindfulness helps us focus our awareness on our thoughts, sensations, emotions, and breath with kindness so that we can slow down and consider how we wish to respond. These practices create a space where we can pause and notice an urge or craving with curiosity and compassion before taking action. This important step allows us to consider the important information being conveyed through the urge so we can respond more skillfully and with greater awareness of what is needed in the moment.

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