Welcome to the Optimal Blog!

The Center for Optimal Living is delighted to launch this new version of our website, created by web designer Claire Berjot, with the promise of original, regularly updated content that you can find right here every day.

The Optimal Blog will feature interviews with leading figures in the harm reduction and treatment fields, profiles of the Center’s clinical team, reports and notifications of events here in New York and much further afield, summaries and analysis of relevant news stories and more.

Overseen by editorial consultant Will Godfrey, the blog will include contributions by journalists May Wilkerson, Sarah Beller and Mei Schultz, and by the Center’s own clinical team.

The Optimal Blog’s mission is to explore and debate the rapidly evolving fields of harm reduction, psychotherapy and holistic treatments and drug policy. We aim to do this in a way that complements the Center for Optimal Living’s mission: to promote healing and positive change through the principles of compassion, collaboration and empowerment.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter and check back here regularly to see what’s new!


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