Watch Dr. James Powers Talk Holistic Health and Give an Acupuncture Demo

We are excited to introduce Dr. James Powers who will be helping to nourish the Holistic Health and Healing Services at the Center for Optimal Living. In this video Dr. Powers provides an accessible and succinct view of holistic health and its harmonious integration with the other services offered at the Center. He also focuses on the many benefits offered by the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Protocol, which is extremely beneficial not only for patients, but also for their friends and family.


In this video Dr. Jenifer Talley and Dr. James Powers demystify the simple, yet deeply therapeutic NADA process by providing a demonstration of this internationally supported method of healing. In under two minutes five super fine sterilized needles are placed in each ear and thus begins a deep process of relaxation.

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