Training: Effective Therapy for Substance Use Issues and other Risky Behavior, Nov. 7-9

Dear Colleagues,

Our 3-Day training this week on November 7-9th on an Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy substance use issues and other risky and addictive behaviors is approaching fast. Some have estimated that people with these issues make up 40% of patients in private practice and over 70% in public behavioral health settings. So this work is highly relevant to you!

A wonderful mix of highly experienced and relatively new clinicians has signed up already but we still have some openings.

The training explores supporting theory for understanding these issues and practical skills and strategies that you can integrate into your practice whatever your orientation. The process is a collaborative exploration that addresses the specific concerns, needs and challenging cases of each participant.

To get a sense of the process and potential value for you, click here to watch a video of participants from our last three day training discuss their experiences.

I hope to work with you.

Andrew Tatarsky, PhD

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