The Challenge of Harm Reduction: Changing Attitudes Toward Addiction Treatment

I am thrilled to announce that my piece, The Challenge of Harm Reduction: Changing Attitudes Toward Addiction Treatment, is featured in the September issue of the Psychotherapy Networker currently on-line and in the soon to be published hard copy.

My intention in writing the piece is to introduce the wider mental health and substance use communities and lay public to harm reduction therapy as essential to solving our addiction crisis. I make the case that we must change the addiction paradigm from disease to biopsychosocial process and from abstinence-only to integrative harm reduction helping. Fortunately, I believe that this scientific revolution in in process.

I share my personal/professional journey toward this view, the history of the dominance of the failed disease and moral/racist models of addiction, the birth and evolution of harm reduction therapy and introduce my own integrative harm reduction approach. I also feature some stories of real people to bring the work to life.

Please read, share with people you think would appreciate the piece and join the growing heart-centered harm reduction movement for healing, growth and positive change!

-Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, Director

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