Psychedelic Integration: Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care – Group #3.

The theme for our next group is psychedelic integration! Come share your story and learn from others about how to integrate the lessons of a psychedelic experience into your daily life. We will begin promptly at 7pm with a short introduction, but hope to dedicate the majority of the time to sharing, discussion and spontaneous exploration of this month’s topic. We look forward to a lively, illuminating and supportive experience for everyone.

We wanted to let you know that we’ll be making some important changes to our group moving forward. One of our goals is to create an environment where attendees can feel safe to share their stories. With this in mind, we will be limiting the size of the group to approximately 30 people, which is a bit smaller than last month’s group. We will see how this affects the group going forward and implement further changes if needed. In addition, we continue our search for an ideal location and will be trying out a different space at the New School (Room i 205 – Dorothy Hirshon Dining Suite, 2nd Floor, 55 W. 13th St.) To register please visit:

In order to meet the need for more personalized groups, we will soon be launching smaller gatherings focused on therapeutic goals. Please contact us if you would be interested in meeting in smaller groups and what topics you might be interested in exploring in depth, so that we can gauge interest and best meet the needs of the community.

As always, we welcome feedback about how we can improve and adapt the program to best serve you. You can contact us at


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