Optimal Live Talk: Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Trainings

In this Optimal Live Talk Drs. Andrew Tatarsky and Jenifer Talley discuss their upcoming Harm Reduction Psychotherapy trainings and Certificate Program. They provide an overview of the main principles of harm reduction and its application in psychotherapy and go on to describe the paradigm shift happening in the addiction treatment field and the need to expand beyond an abstinence-only approach to addressing problematic drug and alcohol use. They also review the 7 Therapeutic Tasks of integrative harm reduction psychotherapy and the importance of creating safety in the therapeutic relationship so that clients can work towards establishing their own positive change pathway.

Learn more about our upcoming trainings and Certificate Program. We have expanded our Certificate Program to offer both an online and in-person version. The online program will begin in January 2019 and the in-person program will be offered Fall 2019.

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