Medical Marijuana is Humane

The Times Union published an essay of mine on medical marijuana. Here’s an excerpt:

The Legislature is currently considering the Compassionate Care Act, which would create one of the best-regulated medical marijuana programs in the country. The administration has signaled that if the Legislature passes the bill, the governor would support it. Many of my colleagues in the addiction and mental health treatment communities support this bill, as reflected in endorsements by the New York State Psychological Association and its Division on Addiction.

Allowing the seriously ill access to safe and legal medical marijuana under their health care provider’s supervision is, fundamentally, an issue of compassion and human rights. The medical value of cannabis is no longer a matter of dispute. The efficacy of cannabis for controlling certain conditions and symptoms is well-established in the scientific literature. And, compared to other prescription medications, like widely used opioid pain relievers, medical cannabis is relatively safe, having no known lethal dose and few side effects.

You can find the full text here

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