Introducing Monthly Yoga Therapy Workshops

As a social worker, I have often found myself speaking with patients about the importance of movement and meditation to their healing or recovery process. Depending upon the context in which I was working, integrating these practices into psychotherapy or case management sessions in a consistent way could be challenging and sometimes not even possible. As the mental health field continues to move toward recognizing the importance of movement as part of treatment planning, I find that patients are often advised to go to yoga or join a gym as a compliment to psychotherapy. While this is great advice, oftentimes patients are left wondering how a movement practice will actually improve their symptoms in addition to feeling overwhelmed as to how they can integrate movement into their lives for lasting change.

For this reason, I’m pleased to be offering monthly low-fee yoga workshops at The Center for Optimal Living that will focus on yoga as a healing tool for specific issues such as anxiety, depression, or managing cravings. While a regular, more generalized yoga practice can and does address these mental health issues, there are certain sequences and poses that can target specific symptoms or imbalances. If an individual is feeling anxious, for example, an anxiety reducing practice would include grounding, restorative poses that allow the body and mind to slow down and reach a calmer place. Applying yoga therapy for depression, on the other hand, might involve a faster-paced sequence of poses targeted to elevate mood and increase energy in the body. Participants in the workshops will have the opportunity to learn a basic take-home practice designed to address specific symptoms and that can be easily integrated into their daily routine. The first in the workshop series will focus on applications of yoga therapy for anxiety and chronic stress and will be on Saturday, March 25 from 1-3pm. Upcoming workshops will cover yoga therapy for depression, for managing cravings and urge surfing, and for emotional regulation and distress tolerance.

I am also offering a weekly Mindful Movement group on Tuesday evenings that includes yoga, breathing practices, and meditation as well as time to process feelings that may arise or receive support on harm reduction or other therapeutic goals, and a drop-in meditation group on Thursdays from 12:15-1pm. I also offer individual yoga therapy sessions for patients who are looking for a more personalized approach or want additional support.

If you have questions about working with me, feel free to email me at and set up a free phone consultation.

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