Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Workshop at Adelphi Social Work School – 12/4/2015

Integrated Harm Reduction Psychotherapy trainings found Dr. Andrew Tatarsky in Beirut, Jakarta, Manila and Switzerland earlier this year. It is obvious that relevance of this paradigm is growing across the world. This month he brought it back home to New York City, where he joined Dr. Jenifer Talley at the New School to deliver the three-day, intensive training to a diverse group of mental health clinicians from across America. Many professionals are helping to apply harm reduction psychotherapy into their work at clinics that are not yet of this mindset. Others are working towards starting new harm reduction based organizations in cities such as Detroit.

We learned about the theory and application of integrative harm reduction psychotherapy. There were several break-out sessions during the training which allowed us to focus on unique learning needs and interests. There were case presentations, demonstrations, and discussions throughout. We found role playing to be particularly helpful towards application of new techniques in individual and group therapy settings. There was also a focus on adopting mindfulness practices in a variety of settings with diverse clients. This led to valuable opportunity for reflection and debriefing. Attendees of the New York City training expressed interest in continued education.

This and the increasing general demand for this program will likely call for Dr. Talley and Dr. Tatarsky to create an advanced training for those who have completed the initial three-day training. I am looking forward to it.  One can find Dr. Tatarsky next on December the 4th, conducting a continuing education one-day workshop at the Adelphi Social Work school. See link below.


Eddie Einbinder, LMSW


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