Are You Impacted by a Loved One’s Substance Use?

Families dealing with substance-abuse problems experience levels of uncertainty and stress that often lead them to search for solutions that promise definite results. There are many pathways toward treatment and recovery; however, programs developed to promote or encourage positive lifestyle changes are not always built upon the level of long-term research and analysis that supports CRAFT as a successful model for engaging substance users toward treatment.

Substance abuse comes in all shapes and sizes, so intervention and treatment practices are varied as well. Tests to demonstrate CRAFT’s positive influence on people struggling with a wide variety of substance-abuse types—as well as their family and loved ones—have been routinely conducted. The numbers behind CRAFT demonstrate the model is an evidence-based method to create change.

In one randomized research trial funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) , CRAFT proved effective in engaging initially unmotivated problem drinkers as well as the concerned family members and loved ones around them:

  • 64 percent of substance abusers chose treatment as a result of the supportive approaches their families learned with the therapeutic model
  • Two to six times more people struggling with substance-abuse issues willingly engaged in an alcohol treatment program as a result of their families learning techniques from the CRAFT model, when compared with several other popular intervention and family-support models
  • Three to six months after family members and loved ones of substance abusers had undergone CRAFT therapy training, they reported they’d been able to sustain significant positive changes in their emotional health and family dynamics. Family members reported they were much happier, less depressed, less angry, and were experiencing more family cohesion and less family conflict than prior to CRAFT-based therapy sessions
  • In a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded study, CRAFT demonstrated its ability to help the family members, loved ones, and concerned significant others of people struggling with drug addiction:
  • 74 percent of concerned significant others succeeded in engaging their loved ones in treatment
  • 100 percent of family members and loved ones reported significant reductions in anger, anxiety, depression, and negative physical symptoms. Regardless of whether their loved ones entered treatment, the concerned significant others around people struggling with addition reported feeling better themselves

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